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Pre Wedding


Here is a list of products that could be of benefit to you before your wedding, I will most likely recommend these products at your trial anyway.

kiko milano.jpg

Kiko Milano Scrub and Peel Wipes

Exfoliating wipes for use 2/3 times a week in the run up to the wedding. These will remove all the dead skin and will help your makeup sit better and last longer. 

Charlotte Tilbury In Love With Olivia

Our most popular shade of Bridal Lipstick.

ct in love.jpg
wedding belles.jpg

Charlotte Tilbury Wedding Belles

Our second most popular shade of Bridal Lipstick.

Morocan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

A good Hydrating shampoo to give you a healthy shiny appearance.

morrocan oil.jpg

Hairworthy Silk Pillowcase

  • KEEPS YOUR HAIR MOISTURIZED: tossing and turning on cotton can be damaging for your hair as it causes friction resulting in frizzy and static hair. With silk you can easily glide across freely without worrying about tangled hair or split ends. Silk helps to maintain hair moisture and best of all, keeping your hairstyle throughout the night.

  • SILKY SOFT & BREATHABLE. Wake up with naturally hydrated skin on a smooth surface. Unlike cotton, silk never absorbs facial creams. No more dry skin, facial wrinkles and pillow creases in the morning. You can expect revitalized skin and a great anti-aging product for your face.

  • NATURAL TEMPERATURE-REGULATING PROPERTIES of silk will lead to top quality night’s sleep all year around. Gives the feel of a luxurious bed whilst making you look younger, fresher and feel better.

  • HYPOALLERGENIC & IRRITANT-FREE - naturally resistant to dust mites, suitable for men and women, all ages, all hair types and skin types. Reduces hair fall, hair damage, fine lines and is safe for the most sensitive skin.

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