Advantages of having an Autumn wedding

autumn wedding

As the colder months are drawing in and the wedding season is slowing down women everywhere are missing out on the advantages of having an Autumn wedding.

The lack of humidity which both your hair and makeup will love, cheaper venues, travel and accommodation the chance to do something unique and out of the ordinary, plus if everyone else is getting married in the summer than your wedding will be the main event of the Autumn, not that I'm saying we want all the attention to ourselves.

Here's why you'll love having an Autumn wedding.

1 Humidity

On a humid day, dry hair will attract and absorb the water in the air, if you have fine hair the moisture will cause your hair to lose it's volume and shape. If you have thick hair than the added moisture will turn you hair into a puffball of frizz.

The humidity is lower in the colder months and you won't have to worry about your hair becoming unruly or losing it's bounce.

2 Heat

The warm weather along with the humidity in the summer months will cause your makeup to slide about, look streaky and uneven. Having a winter wedding will mean your makeup will look better and last longer.

Wearing a wedding dress can get seriously hot, trust me I know. If your like me and don't deal well with heat and it makes you feel cranky and irritated then getting married in the winter where you can pick an indoor venue, wrap up with an elegant shawl, gloves and a thick pair of tights is the way forward. You can always add layers in the colder months but in the hotter months you can't take them off.

You could even add some warming elements Hot coco on arrival, blankets for your guests, a unique but quirky way to add to your theme. They'll also come in handy if your taking photos or if you have an outdoor smoking area.

3 More venue options and better rates

Most venues book up quickly in the summer months and charge a small fortune to boot whereas in the colder months those same venues are available and for a fraction of the cost and because they aren't as busy can focus more on your event.

Pretty much the same story with travel, accommodation, wedding dresses, flowers, even services like hair and makeup artists and photographers they are far more likely to be open to some haggling during the winter months.

4 Unique

The elements that inspire the theme will certainly stand out from the crowd, an excuse to have even more dreamy elements and take advantage of the beautiful seasonal tones and decoration.

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